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The Oregon Coast Rocks!


The Audubon Society of Lincoln City (ASLC), and


Is to encourage residents and visitors to protect and enjoy the native birds, other wildlife, and habitats found on the Central Oregon Coast.

Cape Foulweather


Lies our rocky shoreline, with its tidepools and seastacks; and beyond that, the mysterious waters of the Pacific ocean, teeming with life!

We all love Oregon’s public beaches but there is so much more to our amazing coastline. Join us for three exciting upcoming webinars to learn more about the resilience of our communities, special places along the coast, and mysterious undersea forests. The Audubon Society of Lincoln City (ASLC) and Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition are co-hosting a three-part series of webinars.

We have a great lineup of guest speakers who will share their expertise and passion for all things coastal.

Click on any of the Facebook links below to learn more and register for these fantastic webinars you won’t want to miss.

BEYOND THE BEACH: King Tides and Response to Ocean Rise

November 16, 2021: 6:30 PM

King Tide, Knight Park Lincoln City Oregon, Photo: Ernie Rose

Peter Ruggiero, professor at Oregon State University, will share how coastal communities can increase their resilience to catastrophic risk from tsunamis as well as chronic risks of coastal erosion, flooding, and ocean rise with climate change. The evening will open with an introduction to the Oregon King Tides Project, a citizen science tool to help communities plan for the future.

More information and to register.

Photo: King Tide at Knight Park, Lincoln City Oregon. Photo courtesy of Ernie Rose, wildlife photographer.

BEYOND THE BEACH: Protecting Oregon's Rocky Coast

December 8, 2021: 6:30 PM

Low Tide, Boiler Bay Oregon, Photo: dawn villaescusa

Dave Fox (Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife), Roy Lowe (retired USFWS and photographer), and Dick Vander Schaaf (The Nature Conservancy) will present a panel discussion on the ways special places along the Oregon coast are designated to be protected for the marine life that is dependent on them. Find out where these places are located and how to enjoy them in a responsible manner so their bountiful resources are available for generations to come.

More information and to register.

Photo: Low Tide at Boiler Bay, Oregon. Photo courtesy of dawn villaescusa.

BEYOND THE BEACH: Our Mysterious Undersea Kelp Forests

January 12, 2022: 6:30 PM

Kelp on the beach

Sara Hamilton, PhD student from Oregon State University and a subtidal ecologist, will fascinate you with descriptions of what Oregon's kelp forests used to look like, how are they doing today, and how Oregonians can influence what our kelp forests will look like 100 years into the future? She is passionate about studying kelps and will share about current research conducted by divers on the southern Oregon coast, and about restoration and recovery of kelps in Oregon.

More information and to register.

Photo: Kelp on an Oregon beach. Photo courtesy of Oregon Marine Reserves Partners.


The Oregon Coast Rocks!

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