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2021 Birding Field Trips and Birds Spotted

February 13, 2021

Alder Island Loop Trail at Siletz Bay NWR

Weather reports were saying that this day would be the same as the day before – very cold, windy, and soaking wet. The birders who assembled for the bird walk were glad that the temp was in the high 40s rather than in the mid-30’s, and with little or no wind. As one of the walkers reported, “I think we began with 11 participants today, but ended up with nine after the one couple bailed early when the sideways rain began right as we headed out.” Those who weren’t wearing rainpants walked around with wet britches!

Birding in the rain at Alder Island
Birding in the rain at Alder Island, photo Joanne Daschel

Sightings of the day:
Bufflehead ~ Hooded Merganser ~ Common Merganser ~ Red-breasted Merganser ~ Song Sparrow ~ Mallard ~ Common Goldeneye ~ American Robin ~ Canada Goose ~ Great Blue Heron ~ Horned Grebe ~ Double-breasted Cormorant ~ Red-winged Blackbird ~ Common Loon ~ Ruby-crowned Kinglet ~ Golden-crowned Sparrow ~ American Crow ~ Bewick’s Wren

We sighted a number of waterfowl species but very few woodland birds. All in all, we enjoyed ourselves and loved the beautiful new descriptive signage on the trail which was produced last year (2020) in collaboration with ASLC and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Alder Island
Great Blue Heron sign, photo by Ernie Rose
(File Photo)

January 9, 2021

Yaquina Bay and Yaquina River South Jetty

The day started sunny but cold for the 9 birders who gathered in the Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC) parking lot in Newport. Hand warmers for one of the birders weren't enough to keep his fingers from getting cold and numb. Amongst the number of species seen and photographed, the birding group was surprised to see Brant as well as a group of Marbled Godwit with Whimbrel in the mix. From HMSC, they headed over to South Jetty on the west side of Hwy 101. There they viewed a number of other species including Harlequin Duck, Horned Grebe, and Common Loon. In all, the birders counted 31 species. Great way to start the year!!

Sightings of the day:
Common Loon ~ Surf Scoter ~ Greater Scaup ~ Brandt’s Cormorant ~ American Wigeon ~ American Crow ~ Western Gull ~ Brant ~ California Gull ~ Marbled Godwit ~ Mew Gull ~ House Finch ~ Anna’s Hummingbird ~ Dark-eyed Junco ~ Yellow-rumped Warbler ~ Eurasian Collared-dove ~ Rock Pigeon ~ Northern Harrier ~ Horned Grebe ~ Red-necked Grebe ~ Red-breasted Merganser ~ Harlequin Duck ~ Belted Kingfisher ~ Pelagic Cormorant ~ Whimbrel ~ Great Blue Heron ~ Common Goldeneye ~ Bufflehead ~ Mallard ~ Pigeon Guillemot ~ Western Meadowlark
Rocky Creek
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